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Tara Dawley

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Tara Dawley


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Studio Location  
4501 Fairmount Avenue
Kansas City MO
United States
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323 Maple
Independence MO 64108
United States
Artist's Statement
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Tara Dawley

Functional potter, instructor, and studio manager at Red Star Studio, Kansas City, Missouri, my work is predominantly wheel-thrown, altered, and carved. Food safe glazes are applied and the ware is fired to high temperatures. These functional, stoneware and porcelain pieces can be used in the oven or microwave and are dishwasher safe.

Artist Statement

I've heard it said that we can find harmony in spite of contrasting external issues that surround us. I, however, believe that we find harmony because of the relativity that is given to us. Cool water, warm earth and a human touch combined with the uncertainty and volatility of the flame present us with an object that is pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to use. My work emerges from early years spent turning over rocks in the woods and scooping up shells from crystal Missouri rivers. An immersion in nature coupled with an interest in utilizing relativity creates a body of work that speaks with an organic, harmonious voice.

The work of Tara Dawley

can be found in the following galleries:
Bluestem Missouri Crafts Columbia, MO
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Gallery Kansas City, MO
Past Events:
Gallery Show Santa Fe, NM

Tara Dawley

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